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Things To Do

There is a huge range of activities that can be enjoyed at Sandbanks Provincial Park. Spending time at the beach and swimming are just two of the most popular past times. Sandcastle-making, kite flying and beach volleyball can offer many hours of enjoyment for the whole family.

The Outlet RiveSandcastles at Sandbanks Parkr is popular for fishing and boating, especially from a quietly paddled canoe or kayak into East Lake. The mouth of the Outlet River is the location of one of two designated dog beaches. Here your four-legged friend can go to cool off in Lake Ontario. (They must remain on a leash however)

Bicycling provides a wonderful way to see the park and supports the reduction of carbon emissions by leaving your car parked. We suggest striking out on the Woodlands Trail to explore the park’s interior areas and perhaps experience some wildlife.

Hiking our trails or quietly sauntering through the park makes for great exploring. Sandbanks has three trails and miles of beaches to explore.

Bird watching is popular throughout the year and there are many butterflies and dragonflies of interest. Some of Ontario’s Species At Risk including turtles, monarchs, and red-headed woodpeckers reside at Sandbanks.

Wildlife at Sandbanks is plentiful and includes raccoons, skunks, wild turkeys and white tailed deer. Campers should always be careful to secure your food items.

Wildflowers abound including several rare varieties including orchids and fringed gentians and in the spring the hundreds of trilliums and columbine are a sight to behold.

We recommend joWildflowers at Sandbanks Parkining in on some of the planned activities from the guided walks to the Friends of Sandbanks sponsored 5 & 10 km Fun Run. During the summer activities are planned daily by park staff including regular events at the park’s amphitheatre that are sure to keep young and old entertained.

Fall winds find kite boarders, and wind surfers working the waves. Surfers should be aware that they are required to stay 400 meters from designated swimming areas.

Year-round beauty from autumn leaves, to ice volcanoes, to herons by the water, to glorious sunsets, to huge dunes, to skeleton trees provide a never-ending supply of opportunities for both amateur and professional photographers.

Whether you prefer beach games with friends, a quiet moment to reflect, a chance to teach your children or a perfect day ending with a campfire Sandbanks has everything you could desire.