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Thanks to the following photographers for the use of their wonderful pictures:

  Doug Hamilton
  Doug Johnson
  Terry Sprague
  Penny Sipkes
  Interpretive Staff
  Dan Blais
  Sue Cory
  John A. Brebner

Artists and Authors

Barton, Ira B. (1820 – 1888)

Ira Barton and “The Sun Worshippers” painting… was West Lake the background for this popular image?

Faughnan, Thomas

Thomas Faughnan’s Sandbanks Description, 1879; A British soldier who settled in Picton describes the Sandbanks

Johnson, William Fawcett (1857 – 1929)

A short genealogy and some images of the Sandbanks, c 1890.  A well-known Picton photographer at the turn of the 20th century.

Merrill, Helen M. (1866 – 1951)

Helen Merrill’s 1910 article about native pottery in the Sandbanks, illustrated with archival and current photographs and comments by John A. Brebner

Widdifield, Charles (1859 – 1937)

Charles Widdifield’s recounting of the story of  the Outlet River Gold, from Merrill’s “Picturesque Prince Edward County”, 1890